North Central Family Centre

The Need


This is a child and family development centre, which works co-operatively with low-income families to provide programs, which foster the healthy development of children from pre-natal to five years of age. The Centre was established in 1977 to meet the learning and development needs of 3 and 4 year old children. Over the years, it has grown in size and scope to offer a variety of programs, including:

- Pre-school for 3-5 year olds. 96 children are enrolled in this program.

- Parents as Teachers (PAT) pre-birth to 3 year olds - 30 families are served by this program, which includes home visits, group meetings, lending library and on-going assessment.

- Family Outreach - open programs to support literacy, health, parenting skills, and other developmental activities for low-income families.


The Centre has achieved national and international recognition for the quality and leading edge creativity of its programs of support.

The Plan


For 2003-04 the club provided the funds to pay half the annual cost for one student to attend. The other half was to come from the Wascana Kiwanis Club. Over the past twenty years, the Kiwanis Clubs of Regina have provided funds and labour to support this vital operation, which now receives support from all three levels of government. The highlight of Kiwanis' past involvement was the provision of $45,000 ($5,000.00 per year from each club over a three year term) to facilitate expansion of the program by providing funds to enable the move to a new centrally located site in a former school


Highlights and Evaluation


A total of $1,750 was provided in 2003-04, plus about 36 hours for committee work, including chairmanship of the Centre's Finance Committee by one of our members. The Centre is purchasing an additional building close to the school, and we plan to make a significant five-year annual commitment to the cost of this new facility, partially funded through redirection of resources previously dedicated to Glen Harbour camp. The new building will provide needed space for the outreach services, administrative activities and

storage, thereby freeing up additional classroom space in the existing building to enable needed expansion of the pre-school services.



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