Regina Early Learning Centre

The Regina Early Learning Centre was founded 27 years ago. Seeing a need to be filled in Regina, Anne Luke, an immigrant from England, began a program to help preschool children from low income families get a healthy start in life.


Seven years later, the Early Learning Centre, outgrowing its original location in the north central area, moved to its present location at 2115 Athol Street. This building, formerly Sacred Heart Academy, is owned by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions who rent it to the Early Learning Centre for one dollar a year.


At this time, three Kiwanis clubs in Regina jointly donated $45,000 to renovate the building. Kiwanians scraped, plastered, and painted to make the facility suitable for very small children. (And for several pet rabbits too, whom visitors can see scampering about the halls.)


Now, twenty years later, the Early Learning Centre has acquired a satellite premises three blocks away to house the KidsFirst home visiting program. In its modest way, Kiwanis is helping the Early Learning Centre once more.