Kiwanis Bowling Program

For Patients of all Ages

Regina Kiwanis Clubs began this program in 1966.




Recreation programs are needed for wheelchair bound patients in this rehabilitation centre.




For a number of years, Regina and Wascana clubs have provided a once a week bowling program from October to April, each club alternating bi-weekly. Both adults and youth patients attend, and our members provide assistance in getting patients from their rooms to the bowling centre, where our two clubs purchased the equipment, and in running the bowling games.




Thirty-nine years later, members of the Kiwanis Club of Regina still alternate with members of the Kiwanis Club of Wascana to bring rehabilitative recreation to resident patients of the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre.


During the past year, a total of 290 hours was provided to this project, involving about one-quarter of the club members, plus Key Club and Builders members.


Every Wednesday after supper (except in summer), Kiwanians wheel 15 to 20 severely disabled patients from their rooms down to the little bowling alley that has been created in the hospital by Kiwanis and staff of the hospital recreation department.


Patients are divided into two teams for five pin bowling. They are assisted to aim small bowling balls on metal ramps and roll them down the lanes: Strike! Spare! Good Try! Everyone has a good time. Many bowlers are quite expert. Some have bowled a perfect game!